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Localization segment

Our services will be useful to global and local localization agencies and companies. We are a trustable vendor to many well-known corporations since we were established.

We provide full package of services related to AUDIOVISUAL and TEXTUAL CONTENT LOCALIZATION.

Professional and accurate TRANSLATION & SUBTITLING together with VOICE RECORDING STUDIO offering DUBBING and VOICE OVER to provide one stop post-production package of services. 



  • Average recording capacity – 5000-6000 mn/week (more than 100 talents, adults and kids)
  • Average subtitling capacity – 25,600 mn/month (more than 200 translators and editors)
  • Average dubbing capacity – 1 (5 reel) Theatrical project per week
  • 4 main languages – Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian and Russian
  • 17 hour shifts possible on business days and weekends (9 hours shift for recording and 8 hour shifts for mixing)
  • Only corporate hardware and software used in recording studio (in ADR rooms and Control rooms), several digital audio workstations
  • High security standards and procedures implemented, trainings in place
  • Fast speed internet 150-300 Mbits

One-stop, complete post-production theatrical dubbing and voice-over services from script or dialogue list translation and adaptation through casting, directing, recording and mixing (5.1 sound and Stereo formats), editing and copyrights. 

Maintained database of voice actors for dubbing services. We regularly recruit new talent and ensure our clients have access to our proprietary database to cast talent. 

Baltic dubbing or Baltic voice-over are our mainstream services.


  • Latvian dubbing
  • Estonian dubbing
  • Lithuanian dubbing
  • Russian dubbing
  • Ukrainian dubbing

Listen to some demos of:

  • Latvian voice talents
  • Estonian voice talents
  • Lithuanian voice talents
  • Russian voice talents

Translation, transcription, text editing and subtitling services using our software or using your online solutions. 


  • English-Latvian
  • English-Estonian
  • English-Lithuanian
  • English-Russian
  • Estonian-English
  • Latvian-English
  • Lithuanian-English
  • Russian-English
  • Russian-Latvian
  • Russian-Estonian
  • Russian-Lithuanian
  • Estonian-Russian
  • Latvian-Russian
  • Lithuanian-Russian
  • English-Finnish
  • English-Swedish
  • English-Norwegian
  • English-Danish
  • English-Icelandic
  • Spanish-Latvian
  • Spanish-Estonian
  • Spanish-Lithuanian
  • Spanish -Russian
  • Turkish-Latvian
  • Turkish-Estonian
  • Turkish-Lithuanian
  • Turkish-Russian
  • Ukrainian-Latvian
  • Ukrainian -Estonian
  • Ukrainian -Lithuanian
  • Ukrainian -Russian

All language specialists are experienced professionals, skilled to use certain software and approved methods for verifying content to provide complete subtitling solution (internet research and contacting museums or national libraries). 

Provision of TV/2D/3D SOFT SUBTITLES (SRT, XML, EBU STL and other) and HARD SUBTITLES burned into the video.

Files are ready to use in broadcast, theatrical, DVD, BD, DCP, VOD and online platforms.

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