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How is the advertising clip making process done?

Marketers who plan on advertising are advised to work with media agencies as they are knowledgeable in processes and capable of more successful planning and preparation, as well as offering a complex approach to video, graphics and tuning.

What is the action plan for developing the ad clip?

Step 1 – Preparing to shoot a commercial

The description or brief of the client’s strategy and goals is completed. This allows you to identify the immediate needs of the subscriber and additional services, such as creating an answering machine with discount or current news, which will be a great complement to the subscriber’s marketing activities.

Based on the advertising audience, the concept and baseline scenario of the clip is developed, as well as the filming plan and the location, the actors, and the time and date are determined.

It is very important at this stage to find out all the nuances. It is best to meet with an agency representative in person to avoid any confusion. It should be taken into account that the preparation of the video clip should start at least 2 weeks in advance, as it is very rare to get exactly what is planned at the last minute. At least a month in advance for graphic advertising, as professional designers are in high demand. However, it is possible to arrange an audio ad recording in less than a week.

To optimize your advertising costs, it is great if the marketer has been forward-thinking and intends to record multiple audio ads at the same time with a single speaker, or to shoot multiple line ads. It should also be remembered that rarely does any speaker speak several languages ​​without accent, so be aware that multilingual advertising will require multiple speakers.

Stage 2 – Filming of advertising

The second stage involves video filming (on-site or with a drone), production and sound recording.

Before the actual filming, you need to select the actors, organize the masses, create the visuals of the actors, fine-tune the clip and work with the actors, as well as find the properties and prepare the filming area. You also need to plan the use of graphics in the credits and the video itself, the voice recording of the announcer and the recording of a new soundtrack.

It is advisable to use professional actors for filming, but if a company is planning to use its own staff for filming a clip, they need to remember to give the text in good time so they can prepare and practice arranging it as organically as possible rather than stiff and playful.

This stage will also reveal whether sufficient preparatory work has been carried out. If you need to make last-minute changes to the scenario, due to mistakes or new wishes from the client, filming will be delayed and either the cost of the studio will increase or the advertising will be rushed due to lack of time and money.

Step 3 – Processing of the promotional video clip material

The third, final stage involves clip editing, sound processing, graphics, color correction and various video formats suitable for both social networking platforms and broadcasters. We also coordinate work with the customer, make adjustments, and deliver the work and materials. Digi Media offers HD video filming and processing, as well as video graphics and audio advertising for a complete service cycle – from idea to finished video with textual, musical and graphic design.

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