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Advertising segment

Our services will be useful to agencies and companies, advertising department directors and marketing specialists. 

Full package of services related to VIDEO, AUDIO AND PHOTO PRODUCTION, starting from the idea to the final cut with complete textual, musical and graphic design.

Professional FILM CREW and ANIMATION DESIGNERS, VOICE RECORDING STUDIO and SOUND ENGINEERS, ARTISTS, MUSICIANS and PHOTOGRAPHERS altogether provide package of production and post-production services in order to CREATE and LOCALIZE your content. 

Our MEDIA LAB will prepare materials for screening in SOCIAL MEDIA platforms, Telephony or on TV, or any format by demand.

We will help you to Reach Your Customer – by combining commercial services you can prepare and deliver message in multiple ways!


  • 2D, 3D animations & graphics
  • Filming
  • Audio recording
  • Music and sound
  • Photography

VIDEO section

Our PROFESSIONAL FILM CREW will film promotional films, concerts, trainings, broadcasts, projects, exhibitions, commercials, live events and individual promotional projects (e.g., for actors).

Crew is using special equipment (crane, rails, lighting, etc.) and is experienced in AERIAL FILMING which is great for landscape views! 

CREATE your video business card, commercials and 360° commercials, advertisements, presentations, promos, promotional clips, corporate clips, tutorials, videos, e-learning videos, short films, instructional videos, infomercials and online video content with us.

ANIMATION DESIGN will bring all your fantasies into life! 2D animation and 3D animation are a great tool to market your products and services, brand and company in overall.

AUDIO section

Basic AUDIO RECORDING options:

  • Outdoor (field) audio recording 
  • Indoor audio recording 
  • Studio audio recording 

Quality AUDIO ADVERTISEMENTS or ANOUNCEMENTS are produced with us. Starting from the idea to the finished audio track, through composing and recording original music, sound effects, use of licensed music and a wide selection of narrators.

Audios are crucial in making your client understand you better. 

Reach your target audience by creating a VOICE MESSAGE or an IVR for your company in language they understand the best. 

Prepare and understandable AUDIOGUIDE for your clients and visitors.

SOUND DESIGN is a key! Everything is cooler with a MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS in the background right! 

Our MUSIC PRODUCTION AND COMPOSITION team will help you to stand out by creating audio tracks, jingles, foley and sound effects for your projects. 

PHOTO section

Basic PHOTOGRAPHY options:

  • Studio photography 
  • Visiting photo shoot 
  • Photo processing 

Professional photo sessions and preparation for photoshoots will be handled by INTERNATIONALLY CERTIFIED PHOTOGRAPHERS, specializing in various branches of photography – documentary, commercial, architectural, landscape, people and portraits, wildlife, etc.

Our photographers are members of the Latvian Photographers Federation and The Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP).

We use state-of-the-art professional equipment and cameras in order to make:

  • promotional photography for integration in video and web-based projects;
  • photography for posters, catalogues, calendars, magazines;
  • corporate photography;
  • fine art photography;
  • aerial photography using drones.

One-stop, complete post-production commercial dubbing and voice-over services from script or dialogue list translation and adaptation through casting, directing, recording and mixing (5.1 sound or Stereo formats), editing and copyrights. 

Maintained database of voice actors for dubbing services. We regularly recruit new talent and ensure our clients have access to our proprietary database to cast talent.


  • Latvian dubbing
  • Estonian dubbing
  • Lithuanian dubbing
  • Russian dubbing

Listen to some demos of:

  • Latvian voice talents
  • Estonian voice talents
  • Lithuanian voice talents
  • Russian voice talents

Localize your commercials, advertisements, presentations, promos, promotional clips, tutorials, videos, e-learning videos, short films, instructional videos, live events, infomercials and online video content.

Reach your customer by localizing a voice message or IVR for your company. 

Localize audioguides for your clients and visitors.

We work with professional narrators as well as clients chosen company co-workers!

Translation, transcription, text editing and subtitling services to and from more than 50 LANGUAGES. 


  • English-Latvian
  • English-Estonian
  • English-Lithuanian
  • English-Russian
  • Estonian-English
  • Latvian-English
  • Lithuanian-English
  • Russian-English
  • Russian-Latvian
  • Russian-Estonian
  • Russian-Lithuanian
  • Estonian-Russian
  • Latvian-Russian
  • Lithuanian-Russian
  • English-Finnish
  • English-Swedish
  • English-Norwegian
  • English-Danish
  • English-Icelandic
  • Spanish-Latvian
  • Spanish-Estonian
  • Spanish-Lithuanian
  • Spanish -Russian
  • Turkish-Latvian
  • Turkish-Estonian
  • Turkish-Lithuanian
  • Turkish-Russian
  • Ukrainian-Latvian
  • Ukrainian -Estonian
  • Ukrainian -Lithuanian
  • Ukrainian -Russian

All language specialists are experienced professionals, skilled to use certain software and approved methods for verifying content to provide complete subtitling solution (internet research and contacting museums or national libraries). 

Provision of TV/2D/3D SOFT SUBTITLES (SRT, XML, EBU STL and other) and HARD SUBTITLES burned into the video.

Files are ready to use in social online platforms.

Leave worries for preparation of your content for screening wherever to us!

Transcoding, conversions and rendering for Online (web, social network) needs, telephony or TV needs is our daily life.

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