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About us

Digi Media provides services to media companies in all stages of production and postproduction

Digi Media offers a wide range of services in various areas:

Media – Blu-ray, DCP, DVD and HD solutions, material conversion and rendering. Solutions for VOD platforms. Subtitling, voice-over and dubbing (in Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian, English and Ukrainian languages, employing native-language narrators).
Video – HD filming, shooting with drones, production, post-production, CGI and graphics.
Audio – recording, mixing, editing and sound design. STEREO and 5.1 formats.
Photography – filming photoshoots, shooting for video.

Our clients are film distributors and TV content distributors, television channels and television networks, broadcasters, production companies, film studios, advertising agencies, media companies and private or public enterprises.

We have worked on a large number of projects for clients from various countries, including Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

Terms of payment are discussed with each client individually, as we service customers from all over the world, each project is unique and requires an individual approach.
We are able to service several clients and projects simultaneously, owing to our studio’s professional crew, 5 editing and sound recording rooms, state-of-the-art technology and continued investments in its development.
We are always open to cooperation, will be happy to hear from you, and welcome your questions and proposals. We are certain that you will find in us a trustworthy partner for your business.

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